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UROMAP-approved China Rubber & Plastics Exhibition

Since 1987, "CHINAPLAS" has been supported by the European Plastics and Rubber Industry Machinery Manufacturers Association (EUROMAP) to support the exhibition. "CHINAPLAS 2019 Chinaplas" will be the 30th consecutive China Rubber Exhibition exclusively sponsored by EUROMAP.

EUROMAP has been actively implementing the exhibition policy. On the one hand, it provides a reliable reference indicator for global plastics and rubber companies to choose and participate in influential and high-quality rubber and plastics exhibitions. It can also curb some low quality in the industry. Exhibition. Every year, there are numerous rubber and plastics exhibitions around the world, and EUROMAP only supports some exhibitions in the industry. These exhibitions are international and high-quality exhibitions, including "K show", "NPE ", "CHINAPLAS International Rubber & Plastics Exhibition etc.